Media, no matter the format, is a platform. It was designed to give a voice to those who are voiceless and provide expression for that which is in danger of being suppressed. While many often use it properly many others abuse it, causing it to morph into a shell of its former self. In reading the information given by the Pew Research forum concerning the state of social and its use. I came to the following conclusion.

The goal of the media is to tell us what to think about, but it is to never cross the ethical line and tell us what to think. It is designed to present truth that can both inform and inspire. Consequently, this is why there has been a transition in media. As Tom Rosentiel, in essence, has said we have gone from the ‘trust me’ era to the ‘show me’ era. Audiences are now demanding more proof, more facts, and even more transparency. Slowly but surely the audiences and consumers of media are no longer dancing to the tune of what has been dubbed ‘traditional news platforms’ but now media producers must follow the rhythm of the audience.

As mentioned by pew research “Young adults were among the earliest social media adopters and continue to use these sites at high levels, but usage by older adults has increased in recent years”.

This increase is for many reasons. As social media is becoming more of a marketplace it varies by age. Facebook being the most daily used social platform of the big 5 (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube). The younger one is the more likely they are to become accustomed to social media.

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