A D.C. police officer was shot and wounded Monday night September 16th in Southeast, police say. The officer was rushed to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

According to NBC 4 officers responded to a report of shots fired at an apartment in the 2200 block of Savannah Terrace SE at about 7 p.m.

According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund as of September 21, 2019 86 officershave been killed in the line of duty across the country with 36 of these being firearm related. It is true that this number, so far, is a decline from last year with firearm-related deaths for officers this time in 2018 this number, however is too big—one death too many according to many.

All across the nation police forces are tasked in every city work to secure and serve the populous—with the core of their mantra being “to serve and protect”. “Every day I get up to help people, not sure if I’ll come home, says officer Shannon, a police officer that helps secure Giant Food in Columbia Heights.

In recent years, as in no time before a resurgence of angst and hostility towards police officers has seemingly increased, particularly between white cops and black citizens. While the tension may or may not be warranted there are many that advocate that there must remain a level of respect for authority.

About a week ago while attending Blexit, a movement founded by Candace Owens to, in her opinion, “free” black voters from the decades-long grip of the Democratic Party, I had the privilege to meet and speak with former police officer Brandon Tatum. His opinion on citizen-police relations are very interesting. Tatum believes that “while there are some bad cops there are even more good cops”, he says. The issue then becomes one that is only reconcilable nationally if discussed locally. As in the case of a police officer being shot and wounded Monday September 16th

In asking Tatum, a nationally known conservative former police officer and radio said, “Most of time they are good people, but like I said don’t get it twisted there are some idiots out there”, Tatum says. The idiots (the minority), who ruin the reputation of the majority must be dealt with in Tatum’s assessment.

According to D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham, the officers approached the building on Savannah Terrace SE and as they were doing so a man came out and fired at them. He shot one officer and the officers fired back and fatally shot the suspect, Newsham said. Police have yet to identify the suspect. This happening only contributes the bigger conversation; another local cop shot adding to the national total of 36.

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