“If you want to be successful, you have to work hard … and it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes lots of practice and patience to find your niche. Once you do, the possibilities are endless.”—Wade The Barber

Those are words to live and work by. Wade Menendez known around the world as “Wade the Barber” is a licensed master barber that has been in this field for over 12 years. He credits the interest in cutting hair and becoming his own boss to his father and grandfather who he didn’t personally know. But they influenced him indirectly. “I watched my grandfather at 11 work and grind with a painting and maintenance company,” Wad recalled.  He graduated from Avara’s Academy of Hair Design, opening his first barber salon, “The W Hair Loft” in Glen Burnie, Maryland. He has a second location in the Washington, D.C. area (opened in the summer of 2014).

A few years ago he began to wonder what a weave would look like on a man. After experimenting and finding a viable solution he started placing “weave” on bald headed men of every age; restoring their confidence and renewing their look.

Throughout the course of the conversation  everything was discussed. From the craziest thing he has ever heard from someone sitting in his chair, briefly to his fight with depression and pushing past the pains of life and finding your niche; finding your purpose. Discovering that thing you love to do and the thing you were born to do.

It is crucial that one takes the time to investigate success. It is one thing to admire your favorite influencers or even engage with their products or services. But taking the time to reach out and understand the man behind the movement, the woman behind the wonderment is what allows pioneering and success to become legacy and not just history.

Wade stressed the importance of character saying, “a lot of people have gifts man, but they don’t have the right character in place”. He underscores that all deal with pride and ego at some point. It, in essence, is native to being human. But Wade says, “I watched other people. I learned by watching how other’s pride and ego ruined them”.

Wade stated over and over how his gift became an obligation—and is what drives him to perfect his craft. “I get to help someone self-esteem and look, that’s exciting” he said. While he cannot disclose the identity of any of his hair unit clients he receives tons of inquiries from both potential clients and other barbers around the country. He currently is on your around the county teaching other barbers how to install these hair units. In his Hair Unit Class barbers learn 3 different unit installation techniques and styles, they also learn how to price and set insurance options and they receive exclusive access to hair vendors.

“It’s about a consistent work ethic. Success is not a mistake, it’s really planned. That’s what I really got from my grandfather” Wade emphasized. Through Wade one sees the power of patience and practice—building a barbershop franchise and a nationally sought after hair unit training curriculum that has benefited over 300 hundred plus men.

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